Organisation Tips to Keep Clothes Where They Belong!

by Maid2Match - October 23, 2016

When clothes and disorder seem to go hand in hand in many homes; and the result is often chaotic! You’ll find clothes in pretty much every room of your home, covering furniture, thrown on the floor and all over the beds! What’s worse, sometimes the clean clothes get mixed up with the dirty ones and you end up throwing the whole lot into the hamper. This only adds to your household chores, and certainly doesn’t it help in organising your clothes at home.

Let’s talk about the common reasons behind why clothes often cause untidiness in our homes and simple solutions to keep them organised at all times.

1. Everything But the Kitchen Sink in Your Closet?

Lack of space doesn’t necessarily mean having too many clothes in your closet; we often stuff our closets with other personal belongings that are rarely used or shouldn’t be there altogether! Whether they’re bags, towels or old toys stored away on the bottom shelves, it’s time to rethink what goes into your closet. This is a place that should hold ALL of your clothes so that you don’t leave any lying around due to lack of space. Hence, the first step is to maximize closet space by taking out odd or unused items and storing them in more appropriate places. This includes getting rid of clothes that no longer fit or are not being used. Once you’ve achieved maximum space, the rest is pretty simple.

2. Club Like-Items Together

Organizing your closet is a lot easier than you think. Sort out your clothes and keep similar items together so that you don’t end up messing up your entire wardrobe when looking for a particular piece of clothing, This means keeping jeans, tee shirts, shorts, pajamas, home wear and other clothing categories stacked separately. Of course, if you don’t have much space, you can always club two categories together such as pajamas and house clothes or jeans and denim shorts. Dresses, winter wear, shirts, blazers and other bulky or lengthy items can be hung up, while lesser used clothing can be stored on the higher or bottom shelves.

3. Make Neatness a Habit!

This means folding your clothes neatly when you put them away. Remember, the neater they’re folded, the less space they will take up. Apart from maintaining neatness in your closet, the same should be done with regard to your bedroom and other rooms that clothes are left in. One of the most untidy sights to see is clothes lying around a room or dumped on your bed. Make it a habit to fold freshly laundered clothes and put them away immediately, rather than pile them up somewhere and save it for later (‘later’ generally means leaving them as is and making this place your secondary closet).

4. What To Do with Used Clothes

When we say used clothes, we don’t mean the dirty ones that you’ve sweated in that need to go straight into the hamper or washer; no, these are the clothes you throw on for a quick, in and out visit to the grocery store to buy a loaf of bread (or something of that sort). They aren’t dirty, but they’re not entirely clean to fold and mix up with your clean clothes either. What most of us end up doing is changing out of these clothes and leaving them on our beds, a chair or just about anywhere in the bedroom. That is precisely how the disorganized clothing chaos begins! So, instead of leaving them lying around, put them on a hanger and keep them in an inconspicuous place like behind the door, on wall-mounted clothes pegs, or even in your the closet. Just be sure to keep the used items on one end so that they don’t get mixed up with clean ones.

5. Get the Kids Organising Their Clothes Too!

Obviously, the more household members there are, the more clothes you’ll have lying around. It’s important that you get everyone to cooperate to make mission ‘keep clothes organised’ a success! Getting your kids to clean their room is one thing, but maintaining tidiness is a whole other mission! Be strict about them leaving used clothes all over the place and make sure that all clean clothes are folded and put away as soon as they’re dry. Also, try to keep the clothes in your hamper to a minimum by putting a load in the washer as often as needed.

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